Welcome to the Southern Door Booster Club's webpage!

Our Club's purpose is to take an active interest in all Southern Door "High School" athletic events and activities; raise money to enhance those activities and needs not covered
by the school administration; and to provide service and/or equipment to benefit and promote athletic participation.
We invite you to join us for our monthly meeting and fund-raising activities in support of our Southern Door athletes. 

Booster Clothing


The SD Athletic Booster Club is the exclusive provider of authentic

Southern Door Fan apparel.


We sell our fan apparel online via our Spirit Sales in September/October and Spring;

 Introduce and sell our new designs and apparel at our Annual Craft Show in

November, in time for your Christmas shopping; and

 Sell our clearance inventory at the Fall Kickoff and at the SD School Open House.


We are now the exclusive provider of the Southern Door Varsity Jacket

and Recognition Banner.  


If you would like to use SD apparel for your fundraising activities, please contact

Penny Wautier or Sherri Riederer.  We can assist you with this service and provide

negotiated web pricing at a significant discount over other providers.

Any questions on clothing should be directed to sherri@sdboosters.com or

call Sherri at 920-256-9025

2014 - 2015

Girls Basketball Travel Expenses - $750.00
Boys Basketball Travel Expenses - $800.00

2013 - 2014

Replacement tires and pinch pads for pitching machine - $540.00
Boys Baseball 3 Bats & 2 Bags - $1,101.00
Safe-T Temporary Outfield Fence - Softball funds - $958.63
Score Boards - Eagle & High School Gyms - $15,890.00
Eagle Awards - $115.00
Alumni BB game - $50.00
Wrestling mats - $4,200.00



Portable batting cage, two bats, ten batter's helmets - $3239.00
Protective softball screen - 229.00
AirCat Volleyball Training Machine - $3857.00
Weight Belts - $94.00
Eagle Awards - $91.80


Football concession stand & Press Box - $20,000.00
5-man sled for Football - $4458.00
Softball storage unit - $1000.00
Training Equipment - $294.85
Girls Basketball Roll-a-Bin & storage bin - $779.00
Softball batting cage - $570.75
Field improvements for Softball & Baseball fields - $1450
Eagle Athletics "Gobo" image/lighting for auditorium - $89
Athletic/Alcohol Awareness Posters - $450
Sticky mat replacements and defense whiteboards for Girls Basketball - $350
10 small medicine balls for all sports - $200
Treadmill for weight room - $3055
Dugout roofs, 2 hitting mats & P balls for Baseball - $2254
2 ball carts, 12 balls & carry case for Volleyball - $535
Sponsor "Life of an Athlete" presentation - $1000
Eagle Gym Visitors/Fans/Students Seating Signs - $516


Poles, disc, shot, and other Track equipment - $1524.00
Batting cage floor, catcher gear & other Baseball equipment - $1421.55
Elliptical machine for Weightroom - $4600.00
Record Boards - $9000.00
Conference mascot sign for Eagle Gym - $595.00
Donation to Alex Tassoul for participation in Wisconsin Football Coaches Assn.
All-star Football game at UW-Oshkosh - $50.00
Pole Vault mat/cover shipping for Track - $618.00
DVD Camera - $700.00
Softball bus to Poynette Tournament - $2,000.00
Baseball equipment - $2,000.00
Track runway mats - $3,305.00
Track starting blocks & cart - $1,376.00
Ball air compressor, mounted - $300.00
Track bus to State Tournament - $1,401.00
Softball bus to State Tournament - $2,218.00
Water heater for Booster Club Bldg. - $270.00
Shoot Away - $5,111.00


Baseball Trip - $2,000.00
Wrestling wall mats - $4,860.00
Junior Legion sponsorship - $90.00
Track donation - $4,500.00
Weight Room audio equipment - $800.00
Football bus to Madison - $1,100.00
Volleyball equipment - $968.00
Pole Vault - $3,400.00
Football light poles - $5,000.00
Golf bags - $750.00
Eagle Gym entry rugs - $1,622.00


Baseball bus transportation - $1,800.00
Babe Ruth League Donation - $100.00
Locker room Quote Boards - $500.00
Boys locker room Bulletin Board - $140.00
Playbook software - $300.00
Speed & Agility Camp - $975.00
Trainer Training - $350.00


Track equipment:
Disc Area - $2,300.00
Shot Put Circle - $150.00
Cement Ring - $700.00
Polevaults - $700.00
Disc - $600.00
Aluminum Toe Board - $330.00
Aluminum Pole Vault Standards - $1,250.00
Long Jump take-off board - $300.00
State Track  T-shirts - $300.00


Volleyball equipment:

2 nets - $480.00
4 Plyo boxes - $470.00
12 Versa Tubes - $80.00
6 Versa Cuffs - $85.00
2 Reaction Balls - $18.00
Reaction Ball video - $20.00


Treadmill - $3,895.00
Baseball & Softball Railcaps - $1,000.00
Track Hurdles (6) - $519.00
Softball & Baseball PA Systems - $4,200.00
Baseball Scoreboard - $6,100.00
Baseball BullPens - $2,500.00
Distance Markers - $415.00
Video camera & laptop - $3,400.00
Football PA System - $4,050.00
Freezer and Football Trainer Tables - $287.00
Cabinets for softball building - $250.00

Volleyball equipment:

Double Store It - $289.00
Ball Cart - $109.00
Jump It - $200.00
Target - $625.00
Cross Country equipment:
Cooler bag for ice & water bottles - $60.00
Team Banner - $450.00
Team Equipment & Medical Bag - $80.00
Wrestling equipment:
2 Table Top ScoreClock/Timers - $559.00

 Grant Applications


1.  Grant requests are an open item on our Agenda and shall be considered at every regular monthly meeting.  Emergency requests may also be considered at special meetings and closed sessions held by the Officers, when needed. Please submit all requests, bids & documents to Club at least 1 week in advance of regular monthly meeting. 

2.  Grants will be considered by the Club for athletic activities, events, needs, services or equipment.  Reasonable requests that align with our Mission Statement will be considered.  Requests that do not align with our purpose may still warrant an exception, so the Club encourages any and all requests.

3.  Requests may be made by Members, Coaches, Athletic Director, athletic and/or student trainers, school faculty or administration, teachers, parents, alumni, or students.

4.  Paper Grant requests or online Grant Requests (available via link on this webpage) should be filled in completely and at least two bids should be provided, if applicable. 

5.  It is not mandatory for the applicant to be present at our meeting, but it may be helpful if there are any questions regarding the request.

6.  All grant requests, bids and pertinent documents should be emailed to officers@sdboosters.com or faxed to (800) 311-3044 in order to be considered.  If you do not have access to email or fax, you may contact any Officer who will assist you in obtaining the request and converting it to electronic format. 

7.  Decisions on grant requests are usually made within 30-180 days at our regular monthly meeting, unless more information is requested.  Written approval or disapproval shall be provided to the individual making the request. 

Download Paper Forms.

Under 3,000 and not infrastructure in nature.

3,000 to 5,000 and not infrastructure in nature.

Above 5,000 or infrastruture in nature.


Founded in 2003 by the Southern Door Athletic Booster Club, the Athletic Hall of Fame was instituted to establish pride, preserve tradition and honor former student athletes and coaches who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics through their performance and representation of Southern Door High School.  Plaques honoring all inductees are on display in the lobby outside the Eagle gymnasium.

Former athletes and coaches are eligible when nominated by friends, family or community members.  The deadline for nominations is November 15th of each year and an induction ceremony will take place the following February at a home basketball game at Southern Door High School, to be announced.  A reception following the game for inductees, former Hall of Fame members and their family and friends will be sponsored by the Southern Door Athletic Booster Club.    

Download Nomination Form - Click Here                             Email nomination forms to halloffame@sdboosters.com

Hall of Fame Members


Nicki Malcore-Fitzgibbon
Ben Johnson


Michael Blizel
Courtney Wautier


Katy Pigeon
Clayt Birmingham
Patrick Donley, Coach


No inductees – Celebration of all athletes for Southern Door’s 50th Year Celebration


Penny Pavlik Wautier, Class of 1980
Gordon Swiggum, Coach


Jennifer Antonnisen, Class of 1996
Jay Weckler, Class of 1971
Mary Chike, Class of 1979
Carrie Stroschein, Class of 1978


Donald (Spike) Birmingham Sr., Class of 1965
Christy Brey, Class of 1993


Ron Vandertie, Class of 1965
Dan Dantoin, Class of 1984
Greg Dantoin, Class of 1985
Tonya DeBroux, Class of 1992
Ryan Englebert, Class of 1999


Steve Destree, Class of 1975
Jesse Harness, Coach 1978-1989
Susie Klaubauf, Class of 1983
Brenda Johnson, Class of 1992
Nathan Vogel, Class of 1999


John Bowers, Coach 1962-1992
Duane Lardinois, Class of 1965
Chris Delarwelle, Class of 1985
Glen Vandervelden, Coach 1985-1999
Jim Flanigan Jr, Class of 1990
Tracy Brauer, Class of 1994
Al Johnson, Class of 1998

Mission Statement 

The Southern Door Athletic Booster Club’s purpose is to take an active interest in all Southern Door school-sponsored athletic events and activities.  Their objective is to raise money to enhance those activities and needs not covered by the school district and to provide services and/or equipment to benefit and promote athletic participation.  No part of the net earnings shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, officers, or other private persons.  The organization shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth above.   


President:  Dean Gerend - office expires September, 2017

Vice-President:  Barb Pavlik - office expires September, 2016

Secretary:  Beth Hanson - office expires September, 2016

Treasurer:  Becky Kolstad - office expires September, 2017

Director:  Tina Renard, - office expires September, 2017

Director: Tracy LaCrosse  - office expires September, 2017

Director:  Leigh Pigeon - office expires September 2016

Director:  Penny Wautier - office expires September 2016

Director:  Amanda Geyer - office expires September, 2016


Our Members:

To numerous to mention, but we have a large contingent of volunteer members that participate in our monthly meetings, work tirelessly in our concession stands  and fundraising activities, and give willingly of their time to support Southern Door athletics, whether they are members of the Southern Door community, parents and/or family of participating athletes or Southern Door staff and administration.  
We'd love you to join us!  Contact Beth Hanson for more information.

Southern Door Booster's Expense Reimbursement Form